Friday, May 18, 2012

A Runner's Thank You

As we slowly move into spring weather, I am spending more days running outside. On Thursday, I ran my longest distance at once and really enjoyed it.  I don't tend to run at home as there are no sidewalks and hills and woods (ticks) everywhere, so I drive into our small town, park my car and go running. Since I was out for a long run, I had a lot of times where I ran past exits of parking lots, across crosswalks and on sidewalks.  So many drivers were courteous and kind!  I was so appreciative. So I thought I would post a "thank you" to drivers and pedestrians who are so considerate and share the roadways.
  • Thank you for yielding to runners in crosswalks.  (Yes, it's the state law in NH to yield to pedestrians, but it is still a kind thing to do and not everyone does it.)  It protects me from other cars who might not notice me on the other side of the road.
  • Thank you stopping your car when leaving parking lots and waving me through.  Even though I don't mind waiting for your to pull away from the lot, I do appreciate being able to run without stopping,
  • Thank you for slowing down or driving wide when you pass me on back roads.
  • Thank you for not swinging open car doors when parked on the road next to the sidewalk where I run.  I appreciate not having to hurdle car doors -- even short ones.
  • Pedestrians and other runners - Thank you for sharing the sidewalk.  This includes families with little kids who wander and people with dogs.

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