Friday, May 04, 2012

Soulfire, Boston MA

We love BBQ (as I have stated many times) and because of this, Allie suggested we eat lunch at a great BBQ place she and her boyfriend found in Boston called Soulfire.  So, Jon and I readily agreed and headed towards this place, our mouths salivating for ribs and cornbread.
As we drove off of Beacon Street, down Commonwealth and far away from the BU campus, we quickly saw the neighborhood change into something a bit different than we expected.
I nervously asked, "Allie.  Did you say that you went to this place?" as the neighborhood was no longer a "quasi-secure" college campus.
"No, Mom.  Actually we got delivery.  Oh- and this is the neighborhood where the man got shot last week."
Jon and I looked at each other.  We debated just turning back and heading to the more familiar area that we frequent near Cambridge.  But, as we passed the restaurant, we saw an empty parking lot and decided to take a chance.  It was lunchtime, after all.
We walked in and saw a few people at the bar, but immediately smelled the lovely smell of BBQ sauce.  The waitress greeted us with a smile and told us to sit wherever we liked.  We found a table and were given giant glasses of water and large menus.
The walls were covered with giant pictures of soul singers and there was an enormous mural with the restaurant's name.
We ordered the BBQ platters with choice of ribs, chicken or fish.
While we were waiting for the food to be cooked, Allie reminded us that the food was really good.

Allie and I went to wash our hands and were a bit surprised to find a man in the ladies room.  We stood in the doorway looking at the unexpected man washing his hands repeatedly, when he turned to us and asked us to "please shut the door".  We must have looked stupefied because he paused and then said, "oh dear, am I in the wrong restroom".  We nodded and carefully backed away from the door.  We decided to go back to our table until he was all done.

After that little adventure, we washed our hands and our meal quickly arrived.  And it was delicious.
The ribs were tender and hearty.  The cornbread was moist.  The waitress brought us a cardboard 6 pack that contained 4 types of BBQ sauce: Fiery, Soulfire, Sweet, Pitboss.  Allie liked the Pitboss, I liked the Soulfire with a dab of Fiery and Jon liked trying them all.
The food was great and the portions were generous.  The meal was very exciting.  I enjoyed the food very much.

We returned to the car, which was still there (hubcaps and all) and took Allie back to her dorm for her last weekend before summer break.

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