Friday, May 25, 2012

Special Tools: Cocktail Glasses, Margarita

Cocktail Glasses are 

Margaritas are served in glasses known as cocktail glasses and champagne coupes.  They are most popularly known as margarita glasses even though they also used for daiquiris and other fruit drinks. The typical margarita glass has a wide bowl, usually 5 inches in diameter which makes it easy to rim with salt (or sugar).  The average size Margarita glass holds between 8 - 12 oz.  The champagne coupe holds a bit less than the bulbous Margarita glass.  These glasses are convenient for cocktails that do not have carbonation, as the bubbles would dissipate.

The hurricane glass's shape is used mostly for serving fruity cocktails, but due to it's tall size can be used to serve drinks with ice. It holds about 12 - 20 oz.

The martini glass's shape is intended to prevent drinks from separating.  It is also called a martini saucer.  It has an 8 - 10 oz volume.  While it is a beautiful glass, it is also easy to spill.  The wide mouth was created in an effort to increase the aroma of the gin found in martinis.  Drinks in martini glasses are served "straight up" as there is no room for ice.  The shape also keeps the cocktail cool.  One belief is that the martini glass was created during prohibition.  The large mouth was ideal when a drink had to be finished quickly.

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