Saturday, May 26, 2012

Special Tools: Miscellaneous Glasses

We covered most of the drink glasses in previous posts:
So, for my last post on specific glassware as bar tools, here are some odds and ends, miscellaneous glasses that you might never use in a home bar, but might recognize.

The Snifter is not only appropriate for beer, but it is also used for cognac and brandy.  It has a short stem, so it can be held by the bowl and the warmth from the user's hands will warm the spirits.  This causes the aroma and flavors to come out.
A Cordial glass is a small glass with a stem used for sweet, flavored spirits.  It holds between 1 and 4 oz.
An Irish Coffee Glass or Mug is made to hold hot drinks.  It usually has a short stem and a handle, but can be stemless and handleless. It holds between 8 - 10 oz.  Irish Coffee glasses are clear or frosted and mugs tend to be ceramic, stoneware or porcelain.
A Sour Glass is a small glass as well. It is like a small version of a sparkling wine glass.  It usually comes in sizes from 4 - 6 oz and made for serving whiskey sours.
A Parfait Glass is used to serve frozen drinks, like pina coladas and frozen daiquiris and alcoholic parfaits - -which are liqueurs blended with alcohol and ice cream.  Non-alcoholic frappes are also served in these glasses, as are layered parfaits of puddings, fruits and whipped creams.
These glasses make for a fantastic presentation, featuring the colors of the drinks, ice creams or layers of food.

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