Sunday, May 06, 2012

Week at a Glance... 5.6.12

I can hardly believe that it is May 6th already. It seems like April was just starting and now we are almost into mid May.  This week has been a whirlwind.

Theo started his T-ball season!  How adorable.  Now, Damian and Laurie will forever equate spring with bats, mitts and cheering on their son in the cold spring air.

Ellie has grown to over 10 pounds, started day care and M has returned to work from her maternity leave.  Ellie is over 3 months old now and growing, growing, growing.

Allie finished her classes and has a week of finals before she comes home.

Ashley is starting her grueling AP tests this week, finishing up her final high school requirements.

In local news, two teenagers ran away from home and had the whole town on Amber Alert.  The 17 year old girl, a former tennis team member and her 15 year old boyfriend were found safe and sound, 24 hours after they were discovered missing. The local police would call all the resident phone numbers throughout the day, giving updates and new leads.  Facebook (I am "friends" with her father") had almost hourly updates.  The procedure lasted 24 hours and really brought home the terror that the family encountered while dealing with their missing daughter.  The relief was enormous when the teenagers were discovered.

Our tennis team had a hellish match last week.  Sadly, we are due to compete against the same team this coming Wednesday. I am gearing up to deal with this.  The opposing coach is "a few eggs short of a dozen" and made the 4 hours that we dealt with them excruciating.
I work very hard to be a proper role model for these girls, as I believe that that is first and foremost when dealing with teenagers.  On Thursday, while dealing with the opposing coach's antics, I struggled to be calm and professional, as I knew the girls were watching my reactions.  I maintained a outward calmness, but inside I was boiling over. In addition to coaching the match, I had to create strong boundaries against the other coach, while realizing that there was no umpire to create a final decision.  I also knew in the back of my mind that we had to deal with this woman for the remaining time today as well as another day next week.

We have 5 matches left and I have very little left to give.  My players have been quite determined and have formed a close bond with each other.  I am proud of the girls and they are supportive and hard working. I keep reminding myself that my experience as a coach is different than their experiences as high school players.  We have different responsibilities and I have to remind myself to stay focused, do my job and let the rest go.  (Story of my life....)

We have town meeting on Wednesday, with town elections on Tuesday.  Another chance to vote.

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