Saturday, June 09, 2012

Another Manatee Drawing

I still have manatees on the brain, so I decided to do another piece of art.  This time, I wanted to focus on the beauty of the size and texture.  Some people call manatees the elephants of the see and I wanted to capture that in this particular drawing.
 I taped an 8x10 piece of watercolor paper to my worktable and drew a sketch of part of the body. Unlike my previous drawing that featured a mother-daughter, I wanted this one to focus on the powerful, yet gentle nature of the mammal. So, I drew the upper torso
 Then, I added colors with watercolor paints.  I liked the serenity of his expression, so I wanted to make the background peaceful as well, but still have contrast with the adorable big guy.  I added some colorful spatters.
And then I couldn't resist taking him into photoshop and adding some more texture to the background and lightening him up a bit.  Oh, he is just adorable.  I think I'll call him Morris.

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