Friday, June 08, 2012

Cake Decorating Tool

Have you seen the books "Eat This, Not That" that showcase a national franchise food serving establishment and suggest you eat X instead of Y. For example, they will suggest you order a plain old kids hamburger at McDonalds for x number of calories/grams of fat instead of the Big Mac for 1000x calories/grams of fat.  The idea is that by swapping out the suggested item for the other item, you are doing yourself a favor.
Well, have I got a "Use This, Not That" for you!
That is, if you like to cake decorate....
Have I lost you?
When I started cake decorating, 20+ years ago, decorating tools were not easy to find.  Restaurant supplies would carry an Ateco decorating tip and canvas bags, but the average cook would have a hard time finding affordable supplies.
In the last 20 years, it has been easier to find such supplies thanks to Wilton, craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels and TV shows such as Cake Boss and the like.  Home cooks now rival pastry chefs for their tools.  Wilton is one company that brings cake decorating lessons and supplies to the masses.  They are popular and in some cases very high quality and affordable.  In other cases, they are not so great.
I bought this bag holder years ago.
 At the time, it was a hard to find item (I don't know if it still is).  But, it did solve one problem of holding bags of frosting upright while in use.  Believe it or not, non-upright bags of frosting are a minor catastrophe. I used to line a baking sheet with wax paper and place my bags on this.  Other times, I would place my bags of frosting upright in large plastic cups.
On the occasions when I used more than 2 colors of frosting, it was my "dream" to have some solution to this problem.
 So, when I saw the Wilton solution, I purchased it.  I believe it was under $10.  It held the pastry bags, got the usual amount of frosting on it and was fairly easy to wash and dry.  It folded up, so storage was a benefit.  With all those positives, it wasn't really sturdy and had a tendency to tip over.  So, it was an improvement from plastic cups, but only marginally.
 Well, I spotted this snow cone tray in Target yesterday for $3.99 and I think it will replace my Wilton folding tray.  This one is made of durable plastic.
This is a seasonal item, so I don't expect it to be around much longer.  But, if you are a cake decorator without a bag tray (God forbid!), this item might prove helpful!

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