Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Extra Moment in Time...6-30-12

Tonight (Saturday, June 30, 2012) international timekeepers are adding an additional second to our clocks just one second before midnight!
But don't go spending all that time in one place.  The reason for the additional time is merely a housekeeping issue. Two major factors, including an atomic clock that is too fast and the earth slowing down from the tidal pull of the moon are the reasons.
A day - defined as the time it takes for the Earth to revolve on its axis is now 2 milliseconds longer than it was 100 years ago per day which adds up to 3/4 of a second per year.
Timekeepers have been adding that "leap" second periodically to keep the sun at its highest at noon. The last leap was in 2009 and is the 25th time there was a leap.
Computers will not be affected as they adapt to the time change through syncing with the atomic clock.
In 2015 there will be an international debate as to whether to keep the practice or do away with it.

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