Thursday, June 21, 2012

Graduation Cap Snack

 For Ashley's graduation, M suggested I make this snack that uses candy to make graduation caps.  I found the original link on Bakerella and made a slightly modified version.
To make these graduation caps, you simple melt some chocolate to use as glue as start assembling.
You need:
miniature Reeces peanut butter cups
After Eight Mints
Miniature MnM's
Lollypop sticks

Unwrap the Reeces peanut butter cups.  Dip a lollypop stick in chocolate and then stick in a Reeces peanut butter cup.  Repeat with others.  Set aside and let the chocolate harden.

Meanwhile, sort the Starburst candy according to color.  (I used yellow.) Microwave 4 of the Starburst on a piece of parchment paper for 10 seconds.  Cover with another piece of parchment and roll evenly and thin to create a flat piece of candy.  Let set a few seconds and then slice into pieces 1/4" thick by 2.5 inches long.

Unwrap the After Eight mints.  Dip a lollypop stick into the melted chocolate and then dab in the center of the After Eight mint. Place a Starburst strip on the chocolate spot, so that the end hangs over the mint.  Place another dab of chocolate on top of the Starburst.  Place a miniature MnM onto the chocolate dab.  (I used only blue MnM's).  Set aside and repeat with other mints.  Then let set for 10 minutes.

Place a dab of melted chocolate onto the top of the Reeces and top with the mint. Hold it in place for 10 seconds until it is set.

Place finished piece into a piece of foam to set.

The morning of graduation, I had a dream for the centerpiece.  I described it to Jon who made the frame for me just before Allie and I finished the candies.  We placed the caps inside the display.

 And then we placed the display on the table.  It looked adorable.

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