Friday, June 15, 2012

List Making

Ever have one of those days that you feel like you accomplished every task set before you?
I had one of those this week and just the memory of it is still wonderful!
I had so much to do that I started a list.  I managed to keep it with me all day and NOT lose it.  So, this in itself was unusual.  I didn't leave it in a shopping cart at the grocery store or on a shelf in the library or in my car.
But, keeping a list is really a full scale endeavor for me.  It can be a drawing exercise, a memory booster, a reminder to me that I am not-as-young-as-I-used-to-be, a humbling experience and a cause for celebration.  But, no matter how I dress it up, it is still a tool that I need to follow if I want to get stuff done!
A Wonderfully Successful List
MEMORY - As I started doing tasks, I realized that there were MORE things that needed to be done. So, those things got added to the list.
AGE - The worst part is when I quickly add something to the list.  I go back later to read what needs to be done and can't decipher my own writing.  Luckily this only happened with one thing.  And since I still can't decipher it AND I can't remember it, I guess it couldn't be that important.
DRAW - Sometimes, it is easier for me to sketch images on the list.  That odd drawing is a small graduation cap and tassel made with chocolate candies. 
CELEBRATE -And as all list-makers know the satisfaction comes from checking off the things that were accomplished.
I didn't get everything done on the list, but I did get the important things done.  I am going to keep this list in my weekly photo album to remind me how good it feel to have one-of-those-days.  And if nothing else, I will look back on it and think, "Damn, I was productive!"

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