Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Drawings...

And here are some more of my "plane art" or the drawings and paintings I do on my flights.  I keep a small watercolor palette or a small box of water color pencils, a permanent marker and water brush with me on all flights. That way, all I need is a few ounces of water (that I steal from Jon) and I am all set.  I can keep myself busy for hours.  I made these 6 drawings on the last flight and then scanned them into my computer and enhanced them when I got home.  Overall, I spend a few hours on each piece total.  Some take longer than others.  I guess if I am feeling very "particular" I can spend hours on one image alone.  But, mostly I spend about 40 minutes on the computer with each image.
Butterflies 4"x6" on watercolor paper 
With this image, I enhanced the background.  I prefer it much darker, which can be hard to achieve with watercolor. In the original painting, the texture of the paper is dominant.  I like how the dark blue background makes the butterflies vibrant!
Doggie in the Window
I added some text behind the dog. I like how it brings to mind a dog's pedigree.
Fish in the Sea
 I really prefer this enhanced background.  The swirls add a bit of motion, like the currents in the sea.  I also like his epression!
Jellyfish Noodles
 I liked this drawing, but didn't notice that I drew it on the right side of the page, it wasn't centered.  I can fix this in photoshop, but decided to leave it as is.  I added a background of a map that you can see if you look closely or double click on the image. I liked the purples, pinks and blues of this dangling guy.
Seahorse King
I enjoyed transforming this background into what resembles mulberry paper.  I think the dark red and golds go well with royalty.
Hanging Out
This image was fun for me. I liked working on the tree bark to give it texture, but also I struggled with not coloring it all in!  I think I like the look of the uncolored parts. But, while I was doing it, I hesitated and kept wanting to add more color. I wanted to make the bird black, but find it hard to work in black.  It is difficult for me to add shadows and highlights and look natural. I used the trick of using purple instead and I am glad I did. The purple gives the bird a bit of unexpected color and yet hints at the sheen that is on a bird's feathers.

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