Thursday, June 07, 2012

More Manatees

I have a newfound love for manatees ever since we saw the manatee encounter with the mother and daughter. And once something gets in my head, I think about it, dream about it and want to draw it!  This can take a little while before I am not rusty, but sometimes it works out well and I can be pleased with the results.
Here is my first manatee drawing that was inspired by the mother-daughter.  So, I made the manatee a mother-daughter pair!  (I believe it is called artistic license...)
I drew this picture with the intention of adding a background by painting it in using photoshop.  But, while looking through my photos of beach scenes, I found this photo and decided to use that as well.
 I love beach grass with it's upright limbs, texture and no-nonsense attitude.  It thrives in the sand! If that isn't determination, I don't know what is. Plus, beach grass waves in the breeze, seems to like the salty air and the hot sun.
When I combined the photo with some "digital painting" I got an underwater scene that I loved.  Besides the teal-blue color, I like how the beach grass transformed into underwater vegetation.  Ah - the magic of photoshop.  Now, my mother and daughter are happy in their natural habitat.

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