Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberry Picking Season

 We had beautiful weather for strawberry picking.  Sun and a slight breeze with just a few bugs.  The recent hot weather and lots of sun made for lots of ripe berries.  Unfortunately, other people had the same idea and the open fields were pretty bare.  Pleasant Lake Farm owned by Spring Ledge opened this week for picking.
The plants were loving the sun.  So we set up our cardboard flat and got to work.
 The three of us devised a system and Ashley would pass her finds to Allie who added them to the flat.
In less than 20 minutes we picked 9 pounds of berries.
 We divided them up for deliveries to Dr. K and Grandpa.
 And then took pictures of our berry stained hands.
A definite sign of hard workers!

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