Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tutorial: Faux Chenille Quilt part 1

One of my projects on my summer pail list was to make a faux chenille quilt.  Faux chenille is an easy way to incorporate texture into a quilt.  It requires no batting, just 4 layers of cotton fabric.  It does require some stitching, but don't let it discourage you, all the stitches are straight lines.
I worked on a small quilt to get a feel for it.  It turned out to be the perfect size for a 4 month old baby.  Lucky, I happen to have a sister who has one of those!
I made the quilt and photographed my progress. And I had help with the photos, so I am in some of them.  After I looked through the photos, I realized that they weren't as explanatory as I wanted, so I did some illustrations.
It is an easy quilt that can be made any size.  You just need 4 pieces of fabric the same size, a sewing machine and some supplies.  A slash cutter or a chenille cutter makes is helpful for this project, but if you don't have one, a pair of fabric scissors will work well.
When you choose fabrics, select ones that are all cotton.  They are soft and comfortable and will wear well. You can use any patterned fabric, but keep in mind that the only fabric that will show noticeably is the one that is on the bottom.  I used a patterned fabric in both the illustration and also in my quilt.

Pin the fabrics together.

Draw a line diagonally across the fabric from one corner to the other.  Sew this line with a straight stitch, being sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam.  Repeat at 1 inch increments across the length of the quilt, as shown in the photo.

 Here it is on the quilt I made.  I used a pink and white patterned fabric for the back of the fabric and three pink fabrics for the other side.
When all the seams are sewn, the quilt will have a lot of texture.  If you keep it like this, it will be quilted in a traditional way.  Because we are going to create a chenille effect, we will do something different.

part two is coming tomorrow....


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