Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tutorial: Faux Chenille Quilt part 2

For part 1 of the Faux Chenille Quilt, click here. The quilt was quilted into 1 inch lines diagonally across the quilt from corner to corner.

Make sure each side of the quilt is straight and then round the corners.  Add the binding.
Then, begin to make the slash marks in between each seam on the solid colored side of the quilt.  TAKE THIS STEP SLOWLY. Be sure to cut through each of the three solid fabrics.  Cut through one layer at a time, making a 2 inch slash, parallel to the stitches.
Then, insert the slash cutter into one slash and pull it towards the outer corner.  It will tear the fabric.  The slash cutter is like a rotary tool but it does not cut as smoothly as the rotary tool.  Go slowly, but keep going while holding the quilt with your other hand. GO SLOWLY.

When all the cuts are made, toss the quilt in the washer and then dryer.  Each time you wash and dry the quilt, it will become fuzzier and more soft.

When I made the quilt, I didn't sew the binding onto the quilt before I cut the chenille strips.  This was a mistake and was very hard to sew a binding around the quilt. (The down side of sewing the binding on before the cuts is that making the initial cuts through three layers of fabric is tricky.  I think it is a trade off. Either struggle with the binding or struggle making the cuts.)
 So, if you are brave and want to cut the strips before you bind the quilt, trim the excess fabric and square the quilt.
Then round the corners of the quilt by tracing a round shape. Cut out the arcs and make the rounded corners.

Cut short slashes on the edges of one side of the quilt, through all the solid color fabrics, being careful not to cut through the base fabric. These slashes make it helpful for using the slash cutter.
Take the slash cutter and insert the pointy end into the slash.  Drag it across the quilt in between each seam.
Repeat using the slash cutter in between all seams.  Add the binding to the quilt.  Wash and dry the quilt.
 The finished quilt with the texture of faux chenille.
Folded and ready to be given to little Ellie.

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