Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brave, the Movie

We went as a family to see the movie Brave.  And while it is an animated movie geared towards young children, all of us (ages 18 and over) enjoyed it thoroughly!
Brave is a look at the saga of a young princess who longs for days of freedom to pursue archery, ride her horse and lead a life without responsibility.  Instead, she is being groomed by her parents to be betrothed to a leader of another clan, to unite the families. 
The movie deals with issues of growing up, family and responsibility and yet, it is a fun movie where the audience roots for the heroine, but also her parents as well.
True to Disney form, there is a witch (complete with warts and whiskers) but the main point of strife is that which the heroine creates for herself.
The movie is full of lighthearted scenes, laughs and beautiful animation from Pixar.  This is a great family movie for even the littlest child.

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