Sunday, July 22, 2012

Good and Evil. Live Free or Die

This weekend we saw a devastating mass murder caused by a young man who open fired on a packed movie theater of innocent people.
Pundits, politicians and news reporters have attempted to explain how this could happen.  Why would someone do this?
The media and politicans are making the situation political and using this tragedy as a soapbox for their own gains.  Some have gone so far as to blame the president, the NRA, Mitt Romney -- whatever political bend they might have.
The simple truth is that this is a heinous act perpetrated by an individual (or at least so it seems at this time) who stockpiled weapons, chemicals and protective armor.
He went into a posted "gun free zone" at opening night of a giant movie and killed as many people as he could.  He also rigged his apartment to explode with trip wires and chemicals to create further destruction.

People want to know "why" did he do it?  Normal people want to know "why" as a way to satisfy our need to know that we are safe.  What can we do so this doesn't happen to us?
The news media feeds into this frenzy by giving an in depth biography of the killer - his educational track, his age, photos from his Facebook page.  They are referring to him as "The Joker" a villian from the Batman storyline.  They are turning this killer into a celebrity, giving him his 5 minutes of fame an then some.
We need to stop this madness and acknowledge this situation for what it is, an evil man doing evil things. Not all humans are evil, but some are.

We seek to explain things, to make us feel safe and secure.  We seek to reassure ourselves that this can't happen to us.  We seek to explain this behavior by calling this killer "mentally ill".
These actions are evil and while we want to be able to explain "why" we can not always do that.

We shouldn't fool ourselves into thinking that this is a political act or the actions of someone who didn't know what he were doing.
This act took careful planning and intent.
This action was designed to terrorize.
This action was designed to hurt.

We need to rise above the rhetoric, the self serving political agendas and the psychobabble.  We need to realize that this is the work of an evil man (troubled or not).

We should be vigilant at living our lives, knowing that evil exists. We should go about our daily lives, cherishing our freedoms and working to keep our American liberties and uphold our Constitutional Rights.  By doing anything less, we live in terror every day with every breath.  I choose to be an American.

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