Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Have You Seen a Man Dressed as a Goat?

In more totally unbelievable "what is this world coming to?" news, have you heard this tale?
Utah wildlife officials are on the lookout for a man dressed as a goat in the mountains of northern Utah.  Apparently, it is approaching hunting season and the man likes to linger around wild goats.  The man, who is breaking no laws, has been spotted in his garb on the hillside among the herds.  
(An un-costumed hiker was going through the trails and spotted the man in question and took photos of the spectacle.  He brought the photos to the authorities who believe that the photos are unaltered.)

The Fish and Game Officials do not plan to charge him with any crime, but want to warn him of the dangers of not only the hunters, but of the wild goats as well.  
You see, goats are territorial by nature and get agitated when their boundaries are crossed.
Oh - and officials are following the theory that the man in the goat suit is an "extreme wildlife enthusiast" not a lawbreaker.

You have got to be kidding me.

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