Monday, July 02, 2012

Is it Worth It?

Due to recent cutbacks the Sugar Hill Post Office is open only 30 minutes a day, from 10:15 - 10:45 am.  And customers can purchase stamps only. No other services are available.
Residents are in an uproar claiming that the post office was a hub of activity.  Let's look at the facts.
The population as of 2010 was 563.
Sugar Hill is 17 square miles.
Officials state that the Sugar Hill Post Office had a daily revenue of $40.
Originally, the Sugar Hill Postal Service was not a post office, but a NPU - non-personnel unit.  This is a place where post office boxes exist for the purpose of people receiving their mail.  It is unmanned and offers no services except for mail delivery and pick up. Through the years, one mail carrier took it upon himself to offer services and man the shop, so to speak.  People in town got used to these services and don't like that it is no longer available.
The postal service intends to bring the post office back to the original intent, a place to get and send mail only.
Littleton is the nearest post office, only a few miles away.  Littleton offers all postal services and has the daily income to support itself.

So, why did this story make national news in the Boston Globe, Huffington Post, tv news?
1. It is an odd story.
2. It causes people to think that the decision to close the post office is ludicrous, at least until you get the facts.
3. It is a way to re-enforce the media's love of socialism and entitlement, by implying that the decision to close the Sugar Hill Post office was a sin.

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