Friday, July 27, 2012

Lobsters in the News

Lobster rolls are traditional summer in Maine served by everyone from McDonalds to upscale eateries.  In fact, lobster harvesting in Maine has soared with over 105 million pounds harvested in 2011.  Lobster is the top commercial fish and yet there is a lot that we don't know about lobsters.
Typically, lobsters are a mottled green when caught and turn a brilliant orange-red when cooked.  But, reports have been skyrocketing of finding colored lobsters - blue, orange, yellow, even calico printed lobsters in the wild. And interestingly enough, this is unexplained.  It was believed that finding a blue lobster was a 1 in 2,000,000 prospect.  But this number is really just a guess. Today's unusual lobster finds are attributed to the abundant harvest AND the "quick" media that allows us to send information via email, text message, Facebook in a split second.

In Orleans, Massachusetts, a 21 pound lobster was caught and raffled to the winner who would see it released back to the wild.  In this case, the winner donated it to the Boston Aquarium who have kept extra large lobsters in the past. The aquarium quarantines the lobster for 30 days and then places it in a giant aquarium to live among other fish and sea life.

In Waterford, Connecticut, a patron of The Dock Restaurant purchased a 17 pound lobster.  But, rather than eat his meal, he secretly released it into the Long Island Sound. The man felt that the lobster was at least 80 years old and didn't want it killed.  He would not explain how much he paid for the lobster but said, "It was the most expensive lobster I never ate".

New Englanders love their lobster!

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