Sunday, July 08, 2012

Peach Roundup

The mighty peach.  A ripe peach is so rare in New England.  There is a small orchard about 20 miles from us that used to harvest peaches during 10 days a year.  My brother would go to the orchard early in the morning and bring home cases of the treasures.  And before you knew it, the season was over.  Our grocery stores do carry peaches, but more often than not - ok 95% of the time, the peaches neither ripen or become edible enough to eat raw.  A fresh, ripe peach is a rarity for me and when I do get one, I feel like I am eating a delicacy.
Through the years, I have made a number of recipes with frozen peaches that are quite good, but nothing compares to a fresh, ripe peach.
Here is a round up of some recipe on the web that I would love to try!
Simply Recipes has a Peach Salsa recipe that I plan on trying very soon.  Peaches, jalapeños, mint and ginger combine for a relish for chicken or a dip for tortilla chips.  
Joy the Baker features a Peach Cobbler Scone recipe with gorgeous pictures.  Scones + peaches sound divine.  I know this is one recipe my grandmother would have loved.  But, then again,  there really wasn't a scone recipe she didn't love!
The Food Channel has a recipe for Peach Iced Tea.  Who wouldn't love some sweet refreshment in this heat.  When I make it, I will omit the sugar as I prefer non-sweetened tea.  I think the addition of the peach flavor will be delicious.
And lastly, I made a Peach Smoothie Recipe that would be even better with fresh peaches.

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