Thursday, July 05, 2012

Scenes from the 4th

 We decorated a bit for the 4th.  I find it very easy to get in the patriotic spirit with red, white and blue.  Some people even dressed in such colors.  Flag bikinis, pants, shirts and towels were prevalent.  While I don't find all those fashion choices appealing, I do commend them on their spirit!
 Some patriotic cocktails - strawberry non-alcholic daiquiris with blueberries is definitely in order!
 Then there came the little quandary known as nightfall.  While the town has their own firework display, people all over were setting off fireworks.  The trouble was that after we bought some fireworks for the girls at the grocery store, we learned that they were illegal.  Well, anything that flies, explodes or gets over 1200 degrees is illegal.  That doesn't leave much.  So, we had 3 disappointed people on the 4th.  As nightfall came, though, fireworks were going off everywhere! The girls asked us if they could set their own off.  We explained the law and declined.  They spotted a sheriff walking around and asked us if they could ask him.
We agreed.  The girls went up to the sheriff with their box of fireworks and asked if they could set them off.  The sheriff, defeated, responded, "well everyone else is doing it".  The girls took that for a "Yes" before he could change his mind and set off to have some fun.
Jon joined in....  And the smiles ensued.
 Here are the culprits.  They had fun setting off a few small fireworks.  And then the fun began.
A totally spectacular display by the town.  Can you believe this shot?  I called it the "peacock's tail".  The display was amazing.

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