Monday, July 23, 2012

Sun Prints Tutorial

Last week I did some sun printing.  This is a fun kind of technique that uses photosensitive paper to create images using sunshine.
 The photo sensitive paper can be purchased in kits or from art supply stores.  It is sold in light proof envelopes to protect the paper from developing in the light.  In this kit, the photo-sensitive chemicals were placed on heavy watercolor paper.  This makes for a somewhat durable paper that can be washed as required by the process and additionally can be painted on afterwards.
The first step is to find objects that you wish to "imprint" and have them ready.  Once you expose the photos-sensitve papers to light, they start to develop. The second step is to take the paper out of the envelope, careful not to let light onto the remaining papers. Place the paper in a safe spot with even sun exposure.
Quickly and carefully set up your images on the paper.  Make sure that the wind will not blow them around. Set your timer to your desired exposure time.  This time will vary based on sun strength and personal preference.  The longer you leave it in the sun, the darker the contrast will be between the printed image and the background.  I left this one on for 10 minutes.
 Once the desired printing effect is achieved, I flipped the paper over and printed on the other side for the same amount of time. When it was finished, I rinsed the image to remove the chemicals.
 Here is another paper that I printed. I used a metal bread basket and a piece of mesh to create an interesting image.
And here is the image printed.  Notice the mesh on the right side of the print.
After the print, immediately wash off the chemicals.  The paper will start to show a great deal of contrast and the water will run clear when it is complete.  Then, let the prints dry.  I placed them inside on a paper towel.  The watercolor paper dries fairly quickly.
 And here are the 6 prints that I made. I used all sorts of fun things to print onto the paper.
And here are the back sides of the papers.  They are now ready to be used as background papers, to be used for sketches or as canvases for paints.
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