Friday, July 06, 2012

Watercolor Paintings

I've been working on some watercolor paintings inspired by summer weather, wildlife and temperatures.  I used watercolor paper, permanent ink to outline my drawings and new-to-me Koi watercolor paints.  The paints come in a tube that you squeeze out like toothpaste.  The paints are a bit smoother than toothpaste and have a lot of pigment.  The color is brilliant and really pops. I think the Koi watercolors are happy, bold and inspiring.  I place small dollops on my pallet (between 4 - 6 colors).  I blend some of each color with water to make it runny and then combine colors as needed.  I usually pull off the color and mix it in a separate area of the pallet.
The beauty of the water colors are that if they dry on the pallet, you just need to add more water to re-energize them and use them again.  I worked on these paintings all day.  At night, I would clean my brushes, but leave my pallet to dry.  The next day I would drip more water on the dried paint and mix it again to use.
Watercolor painting is different from acrylic painting in that the watercolor can dance on the wet paper, whereas the acrylic paint tends to let you direct it.   Watercolors let you see the underlying layers as you paint, bleeding some colors and blending others.  Watercolors are unpredictable and dynamic. 
It requires a different mindset to paint with watercolor and observe how it the color changes as it dries and interacts with other colors and layers. 

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