Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekly Recap 7.19.12

It's hard to believe that the summer is in full swing but July is more than halfway through.  This week brings lots of happy news from the entire family.
-Ellie is 5 months old and rolled over on her own!  Her proud mama is very happy about this and grows to love her baby more everyday.
-My father celebrated 26 years at the resto!  26 years of hard work, countless customers, thousand of recipes, new carpets, multiple refrigerators, snow shoveling, lawn mowing, employees, New Year's Eves and more.  Congratulations, Dad.
-We played mini-golf and Ashley got a hole in one and Allie got two!
-Allie baked the most delicious individual heart shaped peach pies!
-Ashley helped me to find a great pair of shoes.  10 stores, 20+ pairs of shoes, a few breaths of exasperation and voila, we found them!
-We saw the movie Brave and loved it.
-Allie and Ashley both got their college room assignments and are pleased with them!
- Jon's parents celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary!
- Jon and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary!

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