Thursday, August 02, 2012

Recipe Search: Corn Recipes

Corn Season has come to New England and here are some recipes that I am looking forward to trying.
Ever since I had trouble with a front tooth cracking, the dentist warned me not to eat corn on the cob.  Sadly, I had to give up a summer favorite, but not entirely. Here are some cob-less recipes to try.
Served Cold:
Tatertots and Jello has a cold Summer Corn Salad Recipe that uses simple, delicious ingredients: corn, fresh tomatoes, onion, pepper and lime.  I can't wait to try this.
Epicurious has a Potato, Corn and Cherry Tomato Salad with Basil Dressing that uses humble ingredients to make a tasty salad. Just olive oil, vinegar, basil, potatoes, corn and tomatoes are called for.  In the comment section, one cook suggested roasting the potatoes instead of simmering them and grilling the corn, instead of steaming.  Food for thought!

Served Hot:
Allrecipes features a Mexican Blackened Corn served from a cast iron skillet.  The key to this recipe is to blacken the corn in the hot skillet .  This is a fragrant dish using cumin, garlic, onion and cayenne.
Epicurious has a Corn and Zucchini Saute that uses some of my favorite ingredients -scallions, garlic, corn and zucchini. It is seasoned with cilantro, but I will use parsley.

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