Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Technicolor Tuesdays - Bold vs Soothing

As I learn more about art (painting, drawing, photography, photoshop, design) I start to see more.  I see more layers, more placement and more colors. And this has been the biggest change in my perception.
As children, we learn that the sun is yellow, snow is white and the sky is blue.
As we grow, artists or not, we learn that snow can look blue, grey or even purple.  The sun can burn hot, look red, orange, even light green!  And the sky can be all colors -- seemingly at the same time. 
So, when I started to detect other colors beyond the basic - red apple, purple grape, green tree, it really opened my ability to see things.  It also gives me the opportunity to add what I want to see, while still being true to nature.
So, on Tuesdays at Gonna Stuff a Chicken, we will now feature Technicolor Tuesdays.  Each Tuesday, I will take a photo and plot the colors.  Seeing the photo and the colors side-by-side, allow me to really see the colors, not just the big picture.  It's kind of a detective game -- and I am addicted!  I now see more colors than ever before.
Now, this is not "absolute".  In fact, what I see can be very different from what others see.  And sometimes, I can look at the same photo and see different color schemes!  Take this photo for instance.

At first glance, I am taken back by the boldness of the orange poppy.  Then I notice the purple lupus in the background and then I realize there is so much green!  (The colors are more in depth than just "purple, orange and green" but without naming each shade these are the colors that strike me.) 

But, then I went back to the photo and saw that even though there were so many bold colors, there were also many soothing colors as well.  And here is where it gets interesting.  These Soothing Blooms are a huge part of the same photo and yet they are worlds apart from the Bold Blooms.
Soothing Blooms feature a softer orange, pale greens, blue and purple.
Bold Blooms feature red and orange, dark greens and bright purple.  
Same photo - totally different feel and look. 
Eureka! I feel like I am seeing things so differently!  

I can take the colors that I made, turn them into swatches and put them together in other ways - sewing a quilt, decorating a room, putting together an outfit, making a painting.
Stay tuned for next Technicolor Tuesday!

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