Monday, August 06, 2012

Useful Tools - Testing Eggs for Freshness

A quick and easy test to see if eggs are still fresh is a little known trick using a bowl of cold water.
Fill a medium to large bowl with cold water, large enough to submerge an egg.
Gently place the egg inside the bowl.

A very fresh egg will sink to the bottom and lie on its side.  This egg is 3- 6 days old and has a small air sack.  This egg will be heavier than older eggs.

An egg that is more than a week old will sink, but begin to stand on it's side.  As the egg ages, air is absorbed through the shell and the air sack increases in size.

An egg that floats is too old to be consumed.  A bad egg will feel light and give off an offensive odor.

An egg can also be tested by cracking it open on a flat surface, like a tray or plate.
A fresh egg will have a high, round yolk, centered in the egg white.  The egg white will be thick and surround the yolk.  The egg white might be cloudy, as this is carbon dioxide has not dissipated from when the egg is laid.
As the egg ages, the yolk will become flat and fragile.  The white will spread quickly.

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