Saturday, August 04, 2012

Week in Review - Aug 4, 2012

August is one of the months that feels so much shorter than it's 31 days. Maybe it's because of summer wrapping up, nights growing cool and days getting shorter.  We have just settled into summer routines and realize that they are coming to an end. August is the mile marker of a new year for kids before they return to school -new clothes, new teachers, new friends, new supplies.
August is also the final days of berry picking in NH - with blueberries being our final summer berry.
The London Olympics are underway and the US has 47 medals already.
It is currently the 79th League of NH Craftsmen's Fair held in Sunapee. Everything sold at the fair is made by juried members of the League.  The fair runs from Aug 4 - Aug 12.
Today is the 88th New London Hospital Day that has changed a bit from the past. As a kid, Hospital Days were an old country fair held from Thursday to Saturday the first weekend in August.  There was a parade with local businesses and groups dressing up in a theme and tossing candy to the crowd.  There were ice cream eating contests (that my sister won back in 1983).  There were tents filled with games like ring toss, shoot the targets.  There were rides and carnival treats like cotton candy. The fair ended with a chicken dinner and local band held by the men's club.  Today, Hospital Day has taken on new activities and removed many of the old ones.  Proceeds still go to the local hospital, but the event is no longer run like an old summer fair.  
In an effort to be healthy, candy vendors and snacks are no longer welcome.  Hospital Days no longer spans 3 consecutive days, but instead features a mini-triathalon on Sunday, complete with a cycle vendor a "fair" on Saturday and a golf tournament at another time. 
The rides are replaced by inflatable slides for toddlers and they wouldn't dream of having an ice cream eating contest. Booths around the green are filled with local celebrities and the food must be authorized by the event planners - such as the Rotary Club lunch or the Lion's Club Spaghetti Supper.  The entire event has become a "politically correct affair". Times have changed.

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