Thursday, September 06, 2012

40 is Going to Be Fabulous!

"You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake" --Bob Hope

I turn 40 years old today.  My goodness that sounds old.  Or young, depending on what side of 40 you are on!
Since I think of 40 as a major milestone, I think I should be grateful to be alive, vibrant and well, 40!
So, here are 40 Things that I love!  My way of saying "Happy Birthday to Me!
  1. Trying new cheeses
  2. Fresh peaches in August
  3. Allie's hand pies
  4. Ashley's chicken and eggplant Parmesan
  5. Baby Nieces and Nephews and School Age Nieces and Nephews
  6. Running
  7. Losing track of time when I am painting, drawing or writing (when I am not responsible for anything else at that time)
  8. Laughing!
  9. Trying new recipes
  10. Making lists
  11. A cool breeze on a warm day or a warm breeze on a cool day
  12. The sun warm my skin
  13. Crawling into a clean sheets on a newly made bed
  14. Being buried under blankets when I sleep
  15. Getting up before the alarm
  16. Putting on fall boots again!
  17. being able to do yoga
  18. Getting a text message from my girls
  19. Reading a book for fun
  20. Taking a pretty photograph
  21. Getting a new issue of a magazine in the mail
  22. Looking at old photos of our family
  23. Reading M's blog
  24. Getting an email from Veron
  25. Enjoying a cup of hot tea in the afternoon and morning
  26. Seeing the first bright red leaves of fall
  27. When my muscles ache from working out
  28. My best friend loves cheese as much as I do!
  29. Downloading images from my camera and seeing the results
  30. Learning a new art technique 
  31. The smell of freshly chopped basil
  32. A hot shower
  33. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
  34. Sunflowers in a blue sky
  35. Writing
  36. Iced Tea
  37. Remembering
  38. When the library has a new book I want to read
  39. Holding hands with Jonathan
  40. My wonderful family.

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