Friday, September 07, 2012

A Field of Sunflowers

Each year, my father grows a row of sunflowers. But this year, he has grown hundreds of sunflowers! And they are in full bloom.
 I couldn't get a photo that could contain all of them at once, as they cascade over the hill!
I love this photo.  Look at that tall sunflower, standing out above all the others.  Talk about gumption!
And here is a view from the base of the hill.  I love how the sunflowers are looking at the restaurant.  They look curious, like they are standing on their tippy toes to see in the windows.
 Can you believe the colors?  The yellow glows so well that you would think they would light up the sky at night!
 I love the clusters of flowers.
 So do the butterflies!
The greens and golds are just beautiful.
Each year, my father plants the seeds in the late spring.  Then, after they bloom, he collects the seeds (hopefully before the birds get them) and saves them to plant next year!  Each year, his sunflower patch has grown and become more beautiful!

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