Saturday, September 08, 2012

BU Investigates Hockey Team and Finds "Sexual Entitlement"

Last March, Boston University conducted an internal investigation into the Men's Hockey Team concerning allegations of rape and sexual abuse by the players. They released their findings today that in 2009, after a NCAA championship game, athletes participated in drinking in the locker rooms, sex on the ice and other examples of poor/terrible behavior.
Further findings by their own task force, conclude that male hockey players bask in a culture of "entitlement" both in academic classes as well as in sexual attitudes.  Specifically, male hockey players are encouraged and supported in their beliefs that they are in a class by themselves, an above reproach.  The investigating committee was told by a former hockey player
"you don't ask (permission for sex) when you are drunk."
The task force released its findings that concluded that the BU men's hockey team is detached from the general campus and that among some players "a culture of sexual entitlement does exist -- stemming from their elevated social status ... and evidenced by frequent sexual encounters with women absent an emotional relationship or ongoing commitment ..."
Sadly, no information on sanctions have been released.
But are there multiple issues here?  Isn't there a difference between criminal behavior and bad taste?
I believe that there is a difference between sexual assault and promiscuity.
I also believe that athletes (starting at a very young age) live in a culture of entitlement.  I saw this first hand while coaching at the high school level. Athletes are excused from academic requirements, attendance rules and other responsibilities that non-athletes are not exempt.

Criminal activities should be treated as such -- within the justice system, not privately.
Bad behaviors, (drinking, promiscuity and academic favors) should be sanctioned by the school, coach and governing body.
The problem lies in that these supposedly responsible authorities don't want to jeopardize their athletes ability to play sports with something as silly as character and self respect.  They create a bubble around the athletes, preventing criminal investigations and allowing bad behaviors to take place.
How did athletes get kegs in the locker room AND time to drink it without any school official, security or coach aware?
How did athletes play nude hockey, engage in group sex and other inappropriate behaviors inside the arena without the knowledge of a school representative or official?
Boston University isn't the only school that this takes place, but it will be interesting to see if they choose to do anything about it.

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This is really sad, but not entirely surprising. :(