Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cement Candle Holders

 A few weeks back I did a post on mixing cement. It is messy, but easy and cement can be made into many different shapes using household supplies as molds.  I wanted to make something that I could use outside for candles and be durable.  Since I had some leftover cement, I thought it would work out well.  I used some plastic food storage containers as the base, plastic cups to create the indentation to put hold the candle and some decorative sea glass to top the candle holders for decoration.
 The first step is to mix the cement.  Then, place the cement in the containers. I filled them 3/4 of the way.  I placed the cups in the center and I filled them with sand, just so they would have weight.  I sprinkled the decorative glass on top of the wet cement. Then came the hard part -- letting it dry.
It took longer than the cups I made. I had to give it a good 2 days.
 I should have let them dry for the full time, because I took one apart and it broke because it was still soft.  So, learn from my mistakes and give them enough time to dry.
 Finally, when they are dry, I removed them from the bowls and then removed the cups with the sand.
The little indentation is a perfect size for a votive candle or a tea light.  But, I wanted a larger candle, so I put a short one on top and waited for nightfall.
I loved the way the candles glow.
They really stand out in the dark.  I can leave them outside until it frosts without worry.

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