Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Girls Off to College

 Allie and Ashley headed off to Boston University last weekend.  It was Ashley's first year and Allie's second year.  We were hoping to take down all their stuff and only one car.  This was tough.  Jon had a great idea and purchased a roof bag that allowed an extra place for storage.  Somehow, he managed to fit ALL their stuff in one car, along with 4 passengers.
 When we were ready to go, the girls filed into the car with their NH pumpkins. And we made the trek to Beantown.  The traffic was light, but when we got to Boston University, thousands of other students and parents were trying to do the same thing we were!  The girls waited in line for their room keys and very valuable moving carts!
 Allie's was packed and ready to go... She and Jon went up to her room and unpacked.
 And Ashley was fully packed and then some!  She and I went to her room and unpacked.
Ashley had a wonderful surprise when she arrived.  Her new roommate, Lauren made a welcoming banner and hung it in Ash's room.  Lauren is kind, peppy, enthusiastic and utterly lovely!  Ashley lucked out with her as a roommate!
Everything went well.  The girls rooms were better than they expected.  The sun was shining and we had a good experience getting them moved in.  Jon and I took them to lunch, then headed home to our empty nest.

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