Sunday, September 02, 2012

Hike Up Mt. Kearsarge

We did a quick hike up Mount Kearsarge with the girls before they returned to school.  It was a fantastic day and it was a great hike.  We went up the short side of Kearsarge, up Rollins State Park. 
The hike was steep at points.  But very fun!
Here are the girls at the top of the trail.  I took the photo from the top of the mountain.  It was amazing to look down and see them surrounded by trees everywhere!
 Allie at the summit.
 Ashley doing her yoga pose.
The three of us together.
And then coming back down the mountain!  We took the Lincoln Trail down, which was steeper than the Rollins Trail. At parts, we were holding on with our hands and legs. 
 And here is a photo circa 2003 with my little girls.
And 2012 with my big girls.

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