Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scenes from Boston University

 The weather has been beautiful as proven by the blue skies!  The BU campus looks quite striking with the old buildings against the blue sky.
 Boston residents view that Citgo sign as a landmark for Kenmore Square.... home to Fenway Park and the Red Sox (for those not versed in baseball).
 A pretty token of fall on the sidewalk.
 I love the old signs embedded in the walkways.  BU has been doing more renovations this summer, adding street name plaques to the sidewalk too.  Very classic and pretty.
 Here's a site that is nature doing art.  On the sidewalks, the leaves imprinted their color when the fell off the trees and the moisture from the cool evenings made them turn to a form of ink when pressed on the walkway.  Very pretty print!
The statue of Leif Erickson on Charlesgate East near Commonwealth Ave.
And blackberries the size of a girl's fist!

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