Friday, September 14, 2012

Week at a Glance... 9.14.12

This week has been a busy, hectic end of summer week.  The girls had their first full week of college classes.  The weather has been beautiful.  I cooled off with some frozen yogurt, something that I enjoy, but it was a bit of a strange flavor -- basil.  I had it with some fresh strawberries and it wasn't a combination that I enjoyed.  It tasted more like a salad than a frosty treat.
Luckily, I also had something delicious - roasted tomatoes and a Rosti potato that my Dad made for breakfast!
My girls are not to be outdone, however, and even stuck in a dorm room without a kitchen, they managed to have a gourmet dinner with fresh watermelon, gorgonzola cheese, steamed edamame, artichoke hearts and tea.
 I pulled together a favorite fall outfit -- leather boots, a grey blazer and scarf.
I drove past the lake and saw that it was still as glass. I parked the car and had to get some photos.  Can you believe the reflection in the water? It is almost as clear as the actual scenery.

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