Friday, September 28, 2012

What The?

I am sure that we all have "What the?" moments where we see things and can't believe our eyes.  Sadly, I think that more and more people are doing crazy things nowadays.  Is it just that the population has increased, so statistically speaking more people are doing weird things? Is it technology to blame, because we can communicate faster, so some one can snap a pic with the cell phone and send it around the world in just seconds?  Or are humans just barbaric, selfish and stupid?
I vote for the option three.
-I was shopping at the local Bass Outlet.  They specialize in leather shoes made in Maine, but also carry some clothing. (It is competitive with LLBean type styles).  A woman walked past me while I was trying on boots and then, a little critter came up and sniffed my feet!  The woman brought her dog into the store!  This wasn't a seeing eye dog or a working dog (to spot seizures). This dog was a "toy" dog that the woman obviously viewed as her child.  While the dog was adorable, why would someone be so bold as to walk their dog into the store as if it were perfectly normal? People have allergies. Many people are scared of dogs.  Not to mention, dogs are dogs....  I have nothing against dogs. I just do not feel that they belong everywhere.
- How about the woman that chose to potty train her children at a restaurant table?  I don't mean toilet training by bringing them to the powder room.  This woman placed a potty seat at the table in the dining room and had her kids take turns stripped naked, using it.  This was within arms lengths of other diners.  Can you imagine?
-Women and men in Asia have started a new botox trend called the "bagel head".  They go to a technician who injects saline into their forehead. By compressing a spot in the center of the injection, it forms a bagel shape on the patient.  It is temporary as the saline eventually dissolves. But, these people look like they have a giant mosquito bite on their head.  It is utterly ridiculous.

I can't even believe these things.  Sadly, another week will just produce more crazy things!

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