Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Artwork - part 2

Here is the final group of watercolors that I worked on during the past few weeks.  I practiced a new technique for each one of them. These are also inspired by fall.  
 A sunflower looking to the light.  With this one, I worked on shading each petal with the same colors and yet not blurring into each other.  The secret to this (for me) was patience, something in short supply. I had to chose petals that didn't touch each other and let the dry, then come back and work on the non painted ones.  I wanted to show movement with petals, so while they radiated from the center, they didn't all look star like, but flower like. I do like how this one came out, how the petals are embracing the center. I worked on each petal individually, shading it and then went back when it was dry and gave the petal dimension and texture.  Overall, I am happy with the drawing and colors in this image.
 The angle image is much larger than the others.  It actually takes up a full 9x11 paper. I worked on giving the hair texture.  This too, took patience, but required a mixing colors that looked blond -- not yellow.  I need more work with faces, but think this is a good starting point.  I think I might use this image at Christmastime.
Lastly, this image of poppies took me longer to paint than I expected.  The beginning sketch was fairly easy, just some basic shapes - more like blobs for the flower heads.  But, then when I wanted to shade it so that each petal was noticeable, rather than the blob that it was. So, after many, many layers of washes, I finally came up with the image that I wanted.  It isn't exacting, but it is so much better than it was when it began.  I have to spend more time on showing depth, but I do like the textures.

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