Monday, October 29, 2012

Dining In Boston

When we stayed in Boston last week, our original plan was to go to a place that had crabs you could smash and eat.  But, they sold out of the crabs and luckily we found out before we went, so went chose Plan B.  We asked the concierge for some suggestions he recommended a place that was in walking distance called Petite Robert Bistro.  Ashley had wanted to try this place for a while, so it worked out well. We gave it a try.
We found the place easily and saw the mini Eiffel Tower out front.  It was clever.  We went inside and had a lovely meal.  I had Bouillabaisse, Ashley had Coq au Vin, Jon had a roast chicken and Allie had a fettuccine spiced with curry seasonings.  The real show stopper was dessert.  I had my a delicious assortment of sorbet, Ashley had a chocolate mousse that was almost as tasty as Maria Rosa's Chocolate Mousse, and Jon and Allie ordered the Chocolate Tower.

It was a little chocolate Eiffel Tower served with a piece of chocolate cake.
And when we left, it was a little darker and it the tower glowed.

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