Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fish Artwork

I've been continuing my daily drawings, I just have been too busy to photograph and post them all.  Here is one that I worked on this week. I have noticed that I tend to do a single drawing on a page. I like that look, but I want to start doing multiple drawings because I think it looks more interesting. I think my eye looks around and takes it all in, instead of just focusing on the single item.
So, I drew this simple fish, all have top fins, two on the bottom, one on the front and the tail, but they are all slightly different. It makes it interesting.

 Here are the fishes individually. This one is all scribbles.
 This one is more fish scales.
This one is full of doodles.
And this one is textured. I like the swirls on his body.
And here is that same fish with color added and a bit of texture for the background.

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