Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and More!

Hurricane Sandy 10.29.12
We started to get hit with winds and rain from Hurricane Sandy on Monday.  Luckily, in NH we got lots of rain and winds.  We didn't get flooding or major destruction.  We lost power for a few hours and then it flickered on and off Monday night and Tuesday.  Still, we did very well considering thousands are without power in NH and the devastation that NY and NJ are facing. Our governor declared a state of emergency on Monday and suggested that people stay off the roads, particularly after 3:00 pm.  (Now, I don't care how bad the weather is, I do not think it is right that the governor has the power to tell people what to do.)  While I agree that people should exercise caution, I still like to think we are free to make our own choices concerning where we go.... (Maybe I am just fed up with all the politics of late --- please forgive me.)

Monday was hectic.... and Sandy was only part of it.
My day started when I found a dead mouse in my mud boots, the ones I put away last spring!  Not a big deal, but not the most pleasant thing to find.  I was a typical Yankee, I shrieked, then shook out the boots in the trash, put them on and went about my errands.

Last night, Jon noticed a fire in the woods near our house. We are so lucky that our emergency teams of police and fire departments are so skilled.  The police responded within minutes and the firetrucks, with sirens put out the fire in under 30 minutes.  It was the yellow house on the corner of the road and today, we found out it was a house fire.  The light was so bright, that it appeared to be in the woods.  Jon passed it on the way to work and saw a giant hole in the roof, where the fire tore it apart.  I feel terrible for our neighbors.

Between the earthquake last week and the hurricane this week, we are fortunate to be in good shape.

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