Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Stay in Boston

Jon and I took a rare overnight trip to Boston this week.  Even though Allie is in her second year at BU and Ashley her first, Jon and I have not spent the night in Boston.  We went down on Thursday afternoon and returned Friday.  We stayed at the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square, just a couple of blocks from where Allie and Ashley are staying. In fact, Allie accused me of getting the room to spy on her!  I knew she was joking, but she did look a little nervous as well!
We checked in and the desk clerk upgraded us to the Baseball Suite.  It was a pleasant surprise.  We were both curious.  Now, mind you, neither Jon nor I are baseball fans.  I know how to play baseball, but don't follow the teams.  The room was spacious and beautiful and filled with baseball paraphernalia.

 Here was our door.  A baseball was attached to the wall.  I am sure this would have been heaven for any Red Sox fan.
 There were tons of limited edition posters, brochures, trading cards and autographed baseballs.
 Here is a Babe Ruth card built into the wall in a lit case.  Interesting, just not our thing.

There are limited edition prints from the 2007 series... 
And the bed headboard with a few more baseball decorations.
 An autographed baseball by Carlton Fisk.  I only knew who this was because I used to play tennis with his sister and he donated a number of autographed hats to various fundraisers.
There was a giant television and entertainment unit that housed movies, miniseries and documentaries about baseball.  We never turned it on.  There was even a guest book and Ken Burns stayed in the Baseball Room.  My sister tells me that he is the creator of a documentary on baseball.

There was a framed Lou Gehrig baseball card on the wall.

And the view of Kenmore Square.  It was a quiet day in Boston.  Best of all, we were able to take our girls to dinner and then walk with them back to their dorms.  We even took them to breakfast the next morning!

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