Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pick Me Ups

There are certain things that are treats that I indulge in regularly. Some are healthy, some are not bad for me and some are well, an indulgence.  
The girls and I were introduced to Ginger Peach tea years ago, when we were doing art classes at Wingdoodle. Sandy and Kay made a welcoming environment and we got together and worked on altered books and drank tea.  They brought out Ginger Peach tea bags and we were hooked. It was heavenly.  When the girls were in high school, they started out their days with a cup of tea.  Sometimes it was green, sometimes black and sometimes Ginger Peach.  

Skim milk latte, 3 parts milk, 1 part coffee.  Yum.

Artisan bread.  Homemade bread.  Plain, with cheese, with butter, with soup, with salad.  Yum.

I don't know it happened, but in the last few years, I love Jordan almonds.  As a child, I remember my parents coming home from weddings with these in tulle netting as favors.  They were beautiful, but I disliked them.  OK. I hated them. At some point recently, though, I tried them again and they are good. Addicting good.  Jon is not fond of them or when I suck on them at night.
Fage Greek Yogurt (although I prefer the 0% version).  I love the addition of peaches. I've had the others and they are good as well.  I've tried Chobani and other brands but I prefer the Fage.  I eat this everyday.  Sometimes more than one a day...

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