Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Technicolor Tuesday: Ferocious Falcon

 Today's Technicolor Tuesday image is one I took of a peregrine falcon on our porch.  I am not used to seeing falcons and they are magnificent to say the least.  The are the fastest birds in the world and are fierce, territorial and gorgeous.  This one likes to eat his dinner on our balcony.  The color scheme from this image is neutrals.  I love the natural colors that could just as easily come from a river scene or a garden.  They are soft, subtle and dusty.
The second color palette is bolder, yet still full of neutrals. The red pops against the blues and grays.  These colors are military inspired or perfect for uniforms.  I love the contrast as well.  When near a blue, the grays pick up that color.  The off white is muted, whereas a crisp cold white would look stark.

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