Thursday, October 18, 2012

Texting in Cold Weather

The cold weather is rolling in and this makes causes problems.  Heating bills, snow, ice and the problem of how to use a touch screen phone while wearing gloves?
Well, luckily, fashion is keeping up with technology...

For under $6 you can purchase these fingerless gloves at Amazon.  They are quite popular on runways and are one way to have access to your fingers as for texting. But, they are not really designed for New England weather.  If you are in need of some cold weather texting accessories, try:

These women's Magic Texting Gloves from Amazon as well sell for under $8. There is conductive yarn in the index finger and thumb.

And for those crafty and ambitious people, here is a tutorial to make your own texting gloves.  You need only a pair of gloves, a needle and some conductive thread.

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