Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week At A Glance 10.21.12

Fall is coming to a close and while the foliage has already peaked a few weeks ago, there are still pockets of prime scenery along the roads.
We have been inundated with rain this past week, leaving the ground soaking wet, even after 2 days of sunshine.
Evening temperatures are dropping to freezing temperatures and yet at times the heat of the day is around 70 degrees.  This is a near 40 degree variance in temperature in a matter of hours!  (Welcome to New England).
We had an earthquake this week that was an unexpected jolt...
The girls are midway through the Fall Semester at College!  It seems like just yesterday we were dropping them off for their first few days.
We are enjoying hot apple cider, crisp fall apples and cranberries at the grocery store.  Our yard is covered with millions of leaves and Jon counted the remaining leaves on one sparse tree and got to over 5,000!
Jon and I finished up the television series "The Tudors" based on the reign of King Henry VIII in England. It was a very intriguing series and the acting was superb.  Luckily, we are no longer living in that time period where beheadings and torture were the common response to those not in support of the anarchy. Two of Henry's wives were beheaded, one for the inability to furnish a male heir.  I have no doubt that I would have been put to death in that era. I still suspect that I might be punished in this era for my lack of political support of our monarchy....
Just a few weeks to the election and it can't come soon enough.  Each day that passes makes me more convinced of the corruption that thrives in the political world. Government is nothing more than a gang style mentality as the lack of tolerance of in our society demonstrates. It is discouraging, disappointing and evil.
Here's to a much better week!

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