Thursday, November 29, 2012

Advent 2012

Last year (2011) at Gonna Stuff a Chicken, we had a Scavenger Hunt Journal of sorts where readers found images and recorded thoughts in a journal.  Each day presented a prompt with an idea, memory or sight to record the season.
The daily prompts can be found by clicking here and can be used this year as well.  Print a card each day, counting down to Christmas and take a few moments each day to do the task.  Some of them can be done with a camera, camera phone or by making a sketch. Others can be written out, like entering a journal entry.

This year we have another Advent Journal Planned for 2012.  Like last year, there will be prompts, but they will be issued all on Saturday, December 1, 2012.  The prompts can be "captured" at your convenience.  Refer back to the list and check off the activities as you come across them during the season.  I think a good way to keep it organized is to keep a journal and add the images you find, by either a photograph, image from a magazine or sketch that you draw.  I will save it and refer back to it, like I did with previous year's journals.
Check back on December 1st for the list of prompts and then during the month of December for my posts. In the comment section, link to your blog if you participate!

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