Monday, November 05, 2012

Christmas Cheer.... at Christmastime!

Here's a novel concept, Christmas marketing, decorations and decking the halls starting at a reasonable time, such as after Thanksgiving!  Retail giant Nordstrom's is tapping into customer's frustrations with Christmas carols blasting in stores in September.  And while some experts claim this is a marketing attempt all it's own, I say, the more the merrier.  Wouldn't it be great to have Christmas decorations reserved for the winter holiday and not abutting back-to-school season?
The National Retail Federation considers November 1st the start of the Christmas season and retailers follow suit.  Many put out their Christmas decor even before then in an attempt to convince shoppers to buy, buy, buy! But, why are we letting them dictate Christmas, how we celebrate it or even when?
I was in line at a store in Concord and the woman in front of me, turned to complain to me about the Christmas music. She wasn't offended that it was Christian music, but rather that it was playing before Halloween!   I agreed.  Where was the Monster Mash?

Many retailers and small businesses alike take in the brunt of their yearly sales for the Christmas holiday.  I don't think that shoppers would forget to purchase their gifts if we weren't reminded in October, do you?

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