Thursday, November 08, 2012

Clean Up in Aisle Three

Ever have one of those days? Today was one for me. We were fortunate that the predicted snowstorm turned out to be a dud, with only a dusting of snow instead of the predicted Nor'Easter.
I went to the grocery store and ran some errands.
but while quietly pushing my cart, a woman in an electric scooter blew past me as if she was driving a Ferrari. I quickly stepped aside to avoid being run down and managed to knock over a display of cocktail sauce in glass jars.
Jars shattered, glass went everywhere and all the red sauce on the ground made it look like a crime scene. I was embarrassed and awkward.  The speeder in the scooter didn't even look back to see what happened!
That was OK since everyone else in that part of the store stood stupefied as if they have never seen a 40 year old woman dancing around dodging falling condiment bottles. When the fireworks stopped, I looked around and noticed that not one pair of eyes belonged to someone who worked in the store. I walked over to the deli (the closest occupied space to the mess) and asked for them to call someone to help clean up the broken glass. When I returned to my cart, the manager had arrived, sputtering and red with fury. He must have heard the bottles hitting the floor.
I apologized and tried to explain that I bumped into the display. He cursed under his breath.
This reaction got my dander up. I wanted to plead with him to check the security tape to see what happened, but I just pushed my cart away.  At that point, I had a craving for shrimp cocktail...

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